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James Villepigue, CSCS, is an international best-selling author of over 18 books, including The Body Sculpting Bibles, selling close to one million copies over the last eight years.
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Edmonton, Alberta
I have been in the military for 2 years as an infanteer and fitness is the biggest part of my job. I would really like to gain some weight and become stronger to be more efficient with my job.
Zach Even-Esh

Zach Even-Esh

About Zach Even-Esh:

Zach Even-Esh has been involved in strength training, wrestling and other combat sports for over 18 years. During this time Zach has obtained a BA in Health & Physical Education as well as his MA in Health Education. Zach was part of the first group in the world to become a Youth Conditioning Specialist (International Youth Conditioning Association).

Zach is an acclaimed speaker & author, having presented at Ryan Lee's Boot Camp, Perform Better Seminars, the prestigious Arnold Sports Festival along side Mixed Martial Arts Champion and Hall of Famer, Randy "The Natural Couture" and at numerous wrestling clubs through out NJ.

Zach has authored his own book, 'The Ultimate Underground Training Manual', which has sold around the world in countries such as Australia, Croatia, New Zealand, Trinidad, England, France, Israel, Japan, the Phillipines, Norway and Germany to name a few. Zach is also a regular writer for TapouT Magazine and Men's Fitness Magazine (as well being part of the Men's Fitness Training Team).

Training combat athletes is a passion for Zach & he only allows the most dedicated athletes to participate in his programs. His clientele consists of high school & college athletes, MMA fighters, Military & Law Enforcement personnel. Some of these individuals have dominated the national competition for their sport while some are tired of following cookie cutter training programs that have yielded no results & are looking to make their mark in their chosen sport.

Others are dedicated towards optimizing their chances of receieving a scholarship into a Division 1 University while others are in training to save the lives of others!

Zach is a self admitted strength training addict, constantly educating himself by researching cutting edge training methods, attending intensive hands on workshops & consultating with other top coaches around the world to ensure that his athletes receive only the best training in order to receive the best results possible.

Training his athletes with Russian Kettlebells    & Underground training methods is just a small portion of how his athletes will train. Zach is strongly influenced by the training methods of the eastern bloc countries as well as the Gladiators of ancient times.

Zach is the owner of The Underground Strength Coach Gymnasium, a hard core athletic training facility located in Edison, NJ. It is behind the walls of The Underground where average athletes become extraordinary and all boundaries are broken! There are no half assers allowed in this private facility, only the most dedicated individuals experience the power of Underground training!

In addition to coaching athletes, Zach offers seminars and certifications for his Underground methods which gives other Coaches the correct know how to coach other athletes with the greatest results!

If you have made the choice to become a champion in your chosen life or sport & are willing & ready to dedicate yourself then Zach's Underground methods will get you there!


Kill it with ZACH! Discover the "old school" secrets of underground strength training using equipment any sane person would simply throw away! Zack's methods are VERY STRANGE...but you'll LOVE the results! Go to NOW!



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